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Making waves with an oceans mural at Goldbeaters Primary School
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Goldbeaters ocean mural

By Alex Pang, Youth Engagement Officer, part funded by The Ernest Cook Trust


Year 5 students at Goldbeaters School in North West London were inspired to take youth social action after seeing other students in their year go out on a litter pick to their local park. 


Calling themselves The Environmental Defence Team, the group considered lots of options before they decided to create an art mural that would show the beauty of our oceans, but also how we are ruining it.  


To ensure that everyone had a role to play, they each agreed to paint a section of the mural, so everyone got their own canvas to focus on.  


One young person, Lily, added ‘’It doesn’t matter who or what you work with, as long as you get the job done as a team!’’. Hadiya also said, ‘’I care about the environment because nature is good for us. I want our planet to be healthy’’. 


Each young person drew a design before voting on what they thought would be best. There were some excellent and creative pieces, making it a tough decision for the class to choose. It was a tight vote, but the group finally decided on one design. 


A small group sketched out the design on the canvases before each young person took one canvas and began to paint.


student painting a starfish for an oceans mural
Student painting a turtle for an ocean mural

Student Ismata said: ‘’The project has made me think about nature and my favourite thing was learning more about the world. I really got on with this group and bonded with new friends.’’


Student Erta said:"I've learnt we need to care for the world.”  


The class can be incredibly proud of their journey, and their efforts in creating the mural.  


ocean mural tiles coming together

Year 5 teacher, Mr Loong said, ‘’The class loved working on this project, as it gave them a space to think deeper on the environmental issues that affect their area locally’’. 


The school are currently putting the final touches onto their art piece and finding a place to display the group’s amazing artwork. The Environmental Defence Team hope that their art will inspire the school community to care for our planet, and will continue to teach and inspire others through art and other creative ways. They want everyone to know that we can all make a difference. 


Goldbeaters Primary School is supported by Youth Engagement Officer Alex, who is funded by #iwill and the Ernest Cook Trust.


Goldbeaters ocean mural


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