"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Helen Keller


Transform Our World is a collective effort and it wouldn't be half of what it is without our brilliant partners. From established national charities to small and passionate new organisations, they share campaigns, events, programmes and resources with us covering water, energy, nature conservation and more, enabling us to offer you something to appeal to every student. Meet them all here.


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Action for Conservation

Action for Conservation (AFC) is a UK charity that uses pioneering approaches to inspire and empower young people, aged 12-18, to become the next generation of nature conservationists - whatever they end up doing as their day job.

Contact Laura Kravac, AFC Programme Manager, with any questions about how to get involved, or for more information [email protected]

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andbeyond Logo

and beyond provides bespoke workshops that empower students to shape the future through tapping into their personal values, reimagining the world and their role within it, and collaboratively creating solutions.


With rising eco-anxiety amongst young adults, these workshops use rigorously developed learner-generated challenges to help students understand - and believe - they have the power to change the world. 


To build students’ resilience and empowerment, please contact Will at [email protected]

Another Way

Another Way aims to empower individuals to change their lives to be more environmentally- friendly and ethical consumers.

Their Ambassador Programme assists young environmentalists in making change by providing a platform to share resources and advice, as well as a chat forum for teachers and students.


Contact Amee Freeman on [email protected] for Primary students or Amy Bray on [email protected] for individual or charity related queries.

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Ashden Less CO2
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LESS CO2, from sustainable energy charity Ashden, helps schools reduce their energy use and talk about sustainability. Schools work together to learn how to manage energy effectively and incorporate sustainability into their school culture and ethos.


Contact Alex Green at: [email protected] for more information.


Big Ideas

The Big Ideas create programmes that encourage community participation, inclusion and cohesion across the arts, heritage, science and sport. We specialise in projects which bring groups together and create new experiences and relationships on a local, national and international scale. Change the way you see the world with Big Ideas.


Find out more here or get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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CIWM logo

CIWM is the leading membership organisation for professionals in the resources and waste management sector, representing and supporting over 5,600 individuals across the UK and overseas.


CIWM has produced the Green Careers Toolkit to enable teachers to identify activities that not only satisfy the national curriculum but also encourage skills and knowledge for the resources and waste sector. For more information, please contact Tina Benfield at [email protected]


The Eco-Schools programme provides a unique opportunity; empowering young people to lead change within their school and bring together all elements of environmental action and education under the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award.


For more information, please get in touch with our dedicated team via email: [email protected] or log into your individual Eco-Schools account for lots of additional resources to help your school through the Seven Steps.

Eco-schools logo
Eden Project
Eden Project logo

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise. Their destinations and projects explore the interconnections between all living things and demonstrate the power of what people can do when they come together to protect the planet.


The Eden Project offers a programme of unforgettable days out at the Eden Project Cornwall for schools, grounded in key environment and sustainability themes and curriculum-linked. They provide training and free resources for schools and teachers wanting to embed nature, sustainability and the outdoors into their curriculum and practice. Plus they offer a set of virtual online workshops that mean your class can get a dose of Eden inspiration wherever you are.


For more information, get in touch with [email protected]


Future Foundations
Future Foundations logo

Future Foundations is an independent award-winning organisation which believes in the power of people to create a more sustainable and brighter future.

They design and deliver pioneering training programmes and experiences for young people between the ages of 7 and 24 globally and for teachers and adults who want to inspire the next generation.

They partner with leading organisations from the third, private, and public sector who share their vision and mission.


For support and more information there is a chat function available on their website

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Giki is a mobile app that helps grocery shoppers cut their environmental impact and shop more sustainably by providing information on the impact of UK supermarket products.


Giki Tools for Schools focus on palm oil: its environmental impacts, and what we can do about it.


For more information, contact[email protected]

Green Schools Project

Green Schools Project is a social enterprise providing expert support, guides, resources and information to schools to help their Eco-Teams to lead school-based projects tackling the climate crisis.


Contact Henry Greenwood for more information at: [email protected]

GSP Logo
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Greenpeace is a movement of people who are passionate about defending the natural world from destruction. Our vision is a greener, healthier and more peaceful planet, one that can sustain life for generations to come.


Greenpeace offers inspiring free talks to schools and groups across the UK. Delivered by trained volunteer Speakers, talks explore the challenges affecting our planet and what we can all do to help. Greenpeace also has a range of engaging education resources for teachers to use in the classroom to help explore environmental issues further!


If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please contact us at [email protected]

InterClimate Network
RSPB logo

InterClimate Network (ICN) inspires and enables young people to consider climate sustainability to be one of their priorities in planning their careers and lives. It works in secondary schools,helping young people to make their voices heard through UN-style climate conferences and support for climate action.


Tailored support to schools through ICN's Climate Voices programme can currently be offered to eligible schools in Bristol, Gloucestershire, London Borough of Hounslow, Reading and Solihull. For more information, contact: [email protected]

#iwill Fund

The #iwill Fund supports Transform Our World.


The #iwill Fund is made possible thanks to £50 million joint investment from The National Lottery Community Fund and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to support young people to access high quality social action opportunities.


The fund brings together a group of organisations who all contribute funding to embed meaningful social action into the lives of young people.


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JUST ONE Tree is a non-profit initiative removing CO2 from the atmosphere and reversing biodiversity loss through global reforestation. They concentrate on the entire ecosystem of restoration on land, in the oceans and helping to bring environmental education into the classrooms.


They have educational resources for teachers to use either as stand alone resources of as part of JUST ONE Tree Day. Teachers can contact them at any time to ask questions and they provide everything needed to hold a successful JUST ONE Tree Day from e-leaflets informing parents of the upcoming events to educational resources on the day.


For more information, contact Amanda Bronkhorst on [email protected]

London Sustainable Schools Forum


London Sustainable Schools Forum are teachers, local authority officers, third sector workers, private sector workers, governors and others who volunteer their time to run the Forum.



PECT is an environmental charity working with schools, communities and businesses to create sustainable places where:


  • The natural environment is healthy,
  • Communities are actively involved in their local area,
  • Health and wellbeing is improved for all,
  • Resource use is responsible and doesn’t compromise the needs of others, now and into the future.


Areas of expertise include: environmental education; sustainable resource use; natural environment and health and wellbeing.

People United
People United Logo

People United is an innovative arts charity that explores how the arts and creativity can grow kindness, empathy and a common sense of humanity.


People United provide free resources including teachers’ packs, arts award logbooks, case studies and posters. They work with artists, academics and activists to explore the potential of the arts in making a difference in the world.


From more information you can contact Becky Vincer on [email protected] 

The Philips Foundation


The Philips Foundation is a registered charity that was established in July 2014 as the central platform for Philips’ CSR activities. Reflecting our commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages) and 17 (Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development), the mission of the Foundation is to reduce healthcare inequality by providing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities. We do this by deploying Philips’ expertise, innovative products and solutions, by collaborating with key partners around the world and by providing financial support for collaborative activities.


More information on the Philips Foundation can be found at www.philips-foundation.com

Philips Foundation Logo

PPL PWR is a group of volunteers, including students, engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs, promoting sustainable innovation, predominantly through interactive workshops at festivals, in schools and in communities.


PPL PWR delivers interactive workshops to students of all ages, empowering them to engage with and build their own sustainable innovations, including DIY wind turbines, terrariums and solar phone chargers.


For more information, contact Dr Josh Bailey, [email protected]

Practical Action

Practical Action is an international development charity, working with communities to find ingenious, lasting and locally-owned solutions for agriculture, water and waste management, climate resilience and clean energy.


Its Schools programme offers a range of STEM resources set in real-life global contexts that can be used to cover parts of the school STEM curricula and/or used for STEM clubs, outdoor learning and enrichment days, and to gain CREST Awards.


For further information email: [email protected]

Practical Action Logo
Project Godwit
Project Godwit Logo

The UK is home to a small breeding population of black-tailed godwits of around 60 pairs. Because of their vulnerable population, these large wading birds are red-listed in the UK and possess Near Threatened status globally, meaning they are likely to be threatened with extinction in the near future.


Project Godwit, a partnership between the RSPB and WWT, is aiming to turn around their fortunes.

PSHE Association

The PSHE Association is the national body for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education – the school curriculum subject dedicated to helping children and young people to stay safe, healthy and prepared for life’s challenges and opportunities. A charity and membership body, the Association leads efforts to ensure every pupil receives high quality PSHE education.


The Association achieves this by supporting a national community of PSHE teachers with guidance, advice, resources and training, while working in partnership with others to provide education opportunities that benefit pupils, their communities and society.


For further information email: [email protected]

Practical Action Logo
Pupils Profit
Pupils Profit Logo

Pupils Profit supports schools in the set up and operation of ethical enterprises, which allow children to develop important workplace skills whilst contributing to positive change such as plastic waste reduction and healthy eating habits.


They provide support materials for teachers, and arrange telephone support if required.


For further information email Elizabeth: [email protected].

Reboot the Future

Reboot the Future is a UK foundation that promotes a more compassionate and sustainable world with The Golden Rule at its core: to treat others and the planet as you would wish to be treated.


Reboot the Future manages Global Dimension, a website featuring thousands of resources and case studies on sustainable development. 



Reboot the Future Logo
Rounder Sense of Purpose
Rounder Sense of Purpose Logo

A Rounder Sense of Purpose (RSP) aims to support educators in embracing a wider range of social, economic and environmental concerns. The RSP website sets out twelve competences that to support successful education for sustainability. The site also suggests over 100 activities that link the competences to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


To discuss bespoke professional development programmes contact Paul Vare or Rick Millican at the University of Gloucestershire.


Royal Meteorological Society

The Royal Meteorological Society is the UK’s Professional and Learned Society for weather and climate, working to strengthen the science and raise awareness of the importance of weather and climate, support meteorological professionals and inspire enthusiasts.

The Royal Meteorological Society believes that every student should leave school with the basic climate literacy that would enable them to engage with the messages put forward by the media or politicians, or to make informed decisions about their own opportunities and responsibilities. An understanding of climate change is inexorably linked to an understanding of weather and climate.


For more information, contact [email protected]

Royal Meteorological Society Logo
RSPB logo

The RSPB is the UK’s largest nature conservation charity and together with its supporters and partners, its science-led work is helping to create a world richer in nature.

RSPB offers support for teachers to deliver high quality, curriculum-based outdoor learning in their school grounds and on RSPB reserves.

Contact Rachael Albon with any questions about how to get involved, or for more information: [email protected]

Schools Climate Network

The Schools Climate Network wants every school to act on the climate and ecological emergency. They enable and support action, education and leadership by communicating and connecting.


Join the movement, declare a climate and ecological emergency at your school and register your commitment with them. They will help you take the next steps.

Schools Climate Network Logo

ThoughtBox Education CIC is a community of teachers and changemakers preparing young people for the future by helping them make sense of the world around them.


Their learning journey helps young people to connect to a changing global environment whilst developing critical thinking, emotional intelligence and healthy connections with themselves, others and the natural world.


ThoughtBox supports schools with bespoke PSHE curriculum, CPD training and interactive talks & workshops. For more information, please contact Rachel Musson at [email protected]

ThoughtBox logo
Too Good To Go
Too Good To Go logo

Too Good To Go is a social impact company whose mission is to inspire and empower everyone to take action against food waste.


They've created a dedicated team to work within schools, businesses and public affairs to shake up the food system, and make the world think differently about throwing away food.

Trust for Sustainable Living

TSL is a sustainability education charity focused on educating and empowering young people and providing resources and opportunities for engagement with global sustainability challenges.


They offer resources and international education competitions and events to create opportunities for students to engage with other young people around the world as well as with scientists, business and political leaders.


For more information, please contact Kirsty Shakespeare at [email protected]

ThoughtBox logo
Unicef logo

Unicef works to protect and promote children’s rights in 190 countries including the UK, in emergencies, through education and campaigning. More information about youth engagement at Unicef UK is available here.

UWE Britsol

UWE Bristol - Inspire, are encouraging diversity and inclusivity, DETI Inspire engages children in primary and secondary education across the West of England, with a focus on disadvantaged areas. Using curriculum-linked engineering outreach and careers support, they are connecting children with real-life, diverse engineering role models who are making a difference in our world.


They provide free, curriculum-linked materials which highlight how STEM skills and careers can make a difference in the world.


For more information get in touch with [email protected] 

UWE logo
The Visionaries

The Visionaries support secondary schools to lead a new vision for education, one that does more to tackle the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time.


They are available to discuss their programmes over the phone, via email and in person.


Please contact Max Girardeau on 07904584766, [email protected], or at [email protected].

The visionaries logo
Wicked Weather Watch
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Wicked Weather Watch supports primary school children and teachers to learn about, and take action on, climate change, providing free teaching resources on the topic, sustainability and the Arctic.


It offers a unique insight into climate change, providing up to the minute resources for lessons and assemblies as well as opportunities to hear directly from people who have visited the Arctic.

The World's Largest Lesson

The World's Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action. Containing lesson plans, animations, comics, games and creative activity ideas, all available to download for free, the Lesson helps children and young people feel empowered to end extreme poverty, fight inequality, tackle climate change and more.


Contact the organisation direct with any questions about how to get involved, or for more information at: [email protected]

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WWF logo

WWF is one of the world’s largest independent conservation organisations. Their supporters – more than five million of them in 100 countries – are helping WWF to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.


WWF offers a wide range of curriculum-based resources and real-world activities, covering issues such as deforestation, climate change, plastic pollution and endangered species.

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Yorkshire Dales National Park provides learning and engagement opportunities for young people in the National Park. This includes organised trips for example activity day and residentials. 


For further information email: [email protected]

Young Citizens
Young Citizens Logo

Young Citizens is an educational charity with over 30 years’ experience delivering programmes that enable young citizens to participate actively in society. We equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make a positive difference to the society in which they live – locally, nationally, globally.


Contact [email protected] for support.

Young Climate Warriors

Young Climate Warriors is an online platform that engages and empowers children to help combat climate change by providing subscribers with weekly challenges, and complementary ‘schools packs’ for teachers.

Contact Katrina Judge with any questions about how to get involved, or for more information at: [email protected]

Young climate warriors logo



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