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Greenfingered Year 7’s get to work at Archbishop Tenison’s School
Posted by : Transform our World

By Alex, Transform Our World Youth Engagement Officer


Having explored their shared values and learned how they can have a positive impact in their school community, 7T at Archbishop Tenison’s School in London aimed to improve their school environment by planting more flowers and a tree in their playground.


The group have worked to explore their values and have learned about how they can act to improve their local environment and community.


Each student made a pledge to live out their compassionate values, such as ‘’caring for their family’’, ‘’treating others with respect’’ and ‘’helping with plastic in the ocean’’.


After deciding on their project to improve their playground, each student drew an image of their ideal playground. A range of ideas came up, but a common theme was the presence of flowers and trees!


Students in the form worked hard to learn the basics of gardening and how best to care for their seeds and ensure they grow. They lined their planters to ensure the wood was protected, carefully placed enough soil inside, made a row of holes to plant the seeds, and once done, carefully watered them!


students lining the planter
students patting the soil into the planter
students use watering can on soil before planting
students make holes in soil to plant seeds


For many in the form, this was the first time they had done any gardening. They all took to the activity with great enthusiasm, understood their roles, and encouraged one another to get stuck in.


One student said ‘’I’ve never gardened before, but this is actually quite fun!’’


Another also shared how this experience has made them want to garden more with their relatives. ‘’My grandparents love gardening and I’ve always wanted to do it too. Now I can share this with them!’’


They also planted a bird cherry tree. While currently only a sapling, the hope is that it grows fully up to 25m and proves important to the local biodiversity.


students planting trees in their school


With enough care and attention, the students’ efforts will pay off with the bulbs flowering in spring and the tree growing over time.


7T also hope that they have planted seeds in their fellow students’ minds about why protecting the environment is important, and how everyone can play a role in improving their community.


Archbishop Tenison School in Lambeth, London is supported by Youth Engagement Officer Alex, funded by #iwill and the Ernest Cook Trust.



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