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UKSSN Staff Branches

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About the UKSSN staff branches


Each regional network has a staff branch consisting of school staff, freelance educators, local NGO and Council staff. Safeguarding is of paramount importance to all adults involved in running the networks: a rigorous UKSSN Safeguarding and GDPR Policy is followed and all students must return parental consent & pupil code of conduct forms before they can participate. All adults who offer ongoing support to a network, including recent school leavers, are DBS-checked. All adult guests attending student meetings must complete a visiting speaker risk assessment in advance and are supervised at all times. 

As well as supporting students, the regional network staff branches act as regional staff support networks for educators from various disciplines and school roles to share resources and ideas. They interact online, often directly after student meetings, and occasionally meet in person at each other's schools. Staff from established networks often help those in nearby areas to set up and provide mutual support. 

There is also a UKSSN staff branch that interacts mainly via WhatsApp and occasionally meets online or in person for training days or overnight trips around the UK. 

In addition, there is a growing UKSSN Operations Group for school operations staff from any school type, including Chief Operating Officers, Chief Finance Officers, estates managers and bursars. The group meets online 4-5pm once a month and have a UKSSN-hosted Microsoft Teams site for discussion and resource sharing. To join the UKSSN Ops Group mailing list email [email protected]   You can also follow the UKSSN Ops Group on Twitter (@UKSSN_OpsGroup) and ask to join their LinkedIn group.  

Visit the UKSSN membership webpage to find our more about how to join UKSSN and/or your regional network as a member of staff. 


Some UKSSN staff at launch of Dept for Ed climate strategy April 2022


Some UKSSN staff at DfE launch

UKSSN staff trip to Oxford's Wytham Woods, summer 2021



Some London Schools Eco Network staff at a meeting in autumn 2021


LSEN staff photo posing for a photo



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