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Why join the UK Schools Sustainability Network 


“From speaking to the UKSSN at COP26 and online I am aware of the critical need for this forum for students and staff to know they’re not alone, transform their schools and communities, and amplify the voices of our young people. I can’t think of a better way of supporting the younger generation than joining or supporting the UKSSN” ~ George Monbiot

The UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN) brings together networks of students to connect and collaborate on issues they care about, fully supported by school staff. There are a wide range of benefits for those involved... 

For pupils... 

  • connect and collaborate with like-minded peers 
  • access unique online and in-person activities
  • have more impact than as an individual
  • learn from experienced school staff and experts
  • develop social and workplace skills
  • evidence for Duke of Edinburgh, CVs, interviews, UCAS etc.

For staff... 

  • connect and collaborate with like-minded peers
  • access and contribute peer-rated resources
  • access high quality CPD opportunities and projects
  • provide opportunities for your students
  • join projects within your local community
  • have more influence and fun working together

For schools...

  • provide opportunities for pupils and staff
  • give a voice to your pupils and staff
  • part of a wider community of schools 
  • access to communications & PR opportunities 
  • part of school improvement or development plan
  • evidence for schemes e.g. Let’s Go Zero, Eco-Schools 

"The school climate strikers, led by Greta Thunberg, helped change the way the world views climate breakdown and   highlighted, especially, its impact on our young people. To me, UKSSN is a great way of carrying that momentum forward. I have been awed and humbled every time I have worked with them."  ~ Professor Rupert Read


"The range of guests/topics has been really enriching and has allowed me to expand my knowledge and passion for environmentalism" - Year 12, Yorkshire

“Developed confidence talking to new people, bringing up the climate & ecological crisis, connecting to larger community with similar passions” – Year 13, Avon 

"Not feeling alone in the daunting fight against climate change” – Year 13, Midlands

“Talking about COP in schools helped us connect with others in our area and collaborate to spread awareness and increase our impact” – Year 12s, Berkshire

“Confidence to run an all staff INSET [and] support in completing Eco-Schools Green Flag Award” – teacher, London

"Interacting with such a passionate, inspiring bunch of students and staff regularly has made teaching feel more worthwhile!" - teacher, Somerset

Quotes from 2021/22 evaluation 


A robust safeguarding and GDPR policy is followed by UKSSN and the regional networks, based on the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) and NSPCC guidance, as well as member schools' own policies, in particular for online collaboration, to ensure pupils are safe and supported at all times. 


UKSSN at COP26 3

How to join UKSSN 


Headteachers or other senior leader: sign up your school as a member of the UK Schools Sustainability Network and identify a member of staff to act as the point of contact for your pupils for safeguarding and support.

Here is a letter that pupils and staff can download (and tailor if you wish) for sharing with Headteachers, Governors or members of Senior Leadership Teams to encourage them to register their school as a member of UKSSN. 

Staff: any educator working in a school or other setting is welcome to join the staff-only UKSSN WhatsApp group and/or sign up for the termly staff e-newsletter whether or not you have pupils involved (click on links to right). If you are a member of school staff supporting your own pupil(s) who are current or prospective members of UKSSN and/or a regional network then you must return the UKSSN Staff Code of Conduct.

Pupils: direct your Headteacher or a teacher to this webpage or email [email protected] (copying in a teacher) for more information on how you and your school can join your regional network and/or UKSSN. If you have been invited to represent UKSSN by your regional network or school, you must return a digital parental consent and pupil code of conduct form so you can join meetings, activities and Microsoft Teams. 

Operations staff: staff working in school operations are invited to join the UKSSN Ops Group, co-chaired by Helen Burge (DCOO, Priory Learning Trust) and Paul Edmond (CFO, Heart Academies Trust), which meets online 4-5pm mid-week once a month and has a UKSSN-hosted Microsoft Teams site for discussion and resource sharing. 

UKSSN at COP26 3

How to join or support your regional network 


You can find out more about some of our regional networks by looking for them on our homepage. Click on the hyperlinks below to get in touch with staff running many of the regional networks to find out how to join or support. If there isn't a hyperlink then email [email protected] 

Pupils should copy in a teacher whenever emailing outside school or ask a teacher to email on their behalf.  Bear in mind that many of the networks are run by busy full-time teachers so they may not be able to respond for a while, especially during the school day. 

If you would like to discuss establishing or supporting a regional network not listed below please email [email protected] 



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