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Year 5's Earth Army at St. Michael’s RC Primary School
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students discovering the greenhouse

By Transform Our World Youth Engagement Officer, Rosie


It has been a real pleasure working with St. Michael’s RC Primary in Elswick, Newcastle Upon Tyne this last term. Mr Winskill’s year 5 class, aka ‘Earth Army’  have been enormously compassionate, considerate and creative from the very first session working on Transform Our World projects.


I was overwhelmed with the range of reasons the pupils had to get stuck into the project, covering both social and environmental issues such as protecting the NHS to addressing racism, homelessness and safeguarding our seas. From Earth Army’s initial ideas 7 groups were formed to tackle the issues most important to them. These included tackling pollution, racism, homelessness, protection of the seas and providing healthy food for everyone.


Josh, Yafet, Ruma, Imaan & Kevin who formed their own charity Refuge Rangers UK have done a fantastic job organising and coordinating a school wide campaign for clothing and book donations for local homeless shelter Jesmond House, not to mention writing to local councillors to address the homeless situation in their area as well as writing a beautiful prayer.


Meanwhile Chanel, Joe, Jack, Alfie & Yan have been growing microsalads on the classroom windowsills as well as planting strawberries, raspberries, carrots and a plum tree to provide healthy fruit and vegetables for everyone.


We trialled cress, mustard and fennel seeds, all grown on kitchen paper in little pots. It was really nice to see the students enjoying eating and trying the flavours of the different leaves!

Pots on classroom windowsill
Cylinders on classroom windowsill

A collaboration took place between the Save the Seas group and The Anti-polluters group where they created plant pots from old water bottles and planted them with air purifying house plants which were given to each classroom in school.


The team work was further extended to a full class ‘urban beach clean’ where the students litter picked the very messy areas outside of school. It was great to witness such enthusiasm and care for the environment from all the students involved.


As a final way for Earth Army to demonstrate their compassion and love of nature, the class voted on the sponsorship of an animal with their remaining budget money. Earth Army now proudly sponsor two little Hedgehogs Gold & Silver, rescued by Northumbria Hedgehog Rescue Trust.


Through their support these hedgehogs will soon be on their way to being released back into the wild- just another example of Earth Army’s compassionate and exceptional work carried out this term.


St Michael's RC Primary is supported by Transform Our World Youth Engagement Officer Rosie, funded by #iWill.


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Hedgehog image thanks to Northumbria Hedgehog Rescue Trust.


Hedgehogs - Gold and Silver

Image thanks to Northumbria Hedgehog Rescue Trust.


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