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What I enjoyed about Power to Transform Our World Copy
Posted by : Silvia, Youth Ambassador


Transform Our World Youth Summit Ambassador Silvia shares what she enjoyed about day 2 of the Summit.



Power day was all about finding ways we could influence world leaders to act and what we thought they could do to tackle the climate crisis. The sessions talked about several topics, ranging from politics to the role of youth in the fight against climate change.


The first session that I watched was the 15-minute session Get Inspired with International Voice. It was extremely inspiring to see the passion for the earth from youth around the world. It showed an image of hope that youth around the globe cared for and are acting for the climate.


Next, I watched Powerful Questions with the Politics Project. This session had great tips on how to ask the best and most effective questions when talking to a politician. I found it very interesting because I could never imagine myself talking to a politician but one day maybe I will, and I’ll be glad I watched the session! It taught the viewers that asking precise and unique questions that are related to the politician would equal the best answers and that laying the foundations of a relationship was very important when talking to a politician.


After that, I watched Nature of our Future which included a keynote from Bear Grylls. This session was all about the role of youth in the fight against climate change and the barriers youth climate activists had to overcome because of people in power who underestimated them. It was a very empowering session which taught me that even small efforts can make a huge difference.




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