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Being a Transform Our World Youth Ambassador
Posted by : Neha, Transform Our World Youth Ambassador


Transform Our World Youth Summit Ambassador Neha shares what matters to her, and why she is inspired to get involved in climate action.


I think that the discussion of climate change is being discarded as a topic of general knowledge rather than the crisis that it is, threatening so much of our entire world, with this threat worsening daily. I strongly believe that the world needs to confront its ignorance on the topic, and for people to be smarter with their daily choices.


I don't think people know much about what they could do, besides turning off the lights when leaving a room, or taking showers rather than baths. These are the basics but everyone should be educated on the other impacts of their daily routines or activities and how to minimise their impact on our planet.


This includes shopping locally to reduce food miles or being more sustainable when shopping for clothes to prevent fast fashion, or taking group transport to school everyday.


I believe that although there is always more to be done, we as humanity can always improve the way we treat our beloved planet.


I feel that by contributing to the Transform our World Youth Summit, as a Youth Ambassador, I have assisted the education of the others on these crucial topics that our education system is failing to do properly itself. I'm keen to do my bit to repay our debt to the planet.


Working as a Youth Ambassador

As a Youth Ambassador I have been actively participating in weekly meetings via Zoom, with fellow Youth Ambassadors, who share the passion I myself extend. Together we explored the topics and beliefs that we collectively felt necessary to share. From here we worked in our own time, to give our work the justified extent of care and attention, and produced appropriate presentations, before recording them, to play live during the summit.


Some people were fortunate enough to partake in the event live, but to my dismay I was unable to join them. From the ‘promotion’ I conducted on my own; as well as hearing from the other youth ambassador’s doings, I hear that the Action day, of which (I am proud to say) my presentation was a part of, was very successful with the news so widely spread!


Being a Youth Ambassador is a role I will always embellish, its a joy and pleasure.


Thank you for providing this opportunity.




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