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The Big Climate Fightback


On 30th November, the Woodland Trust are coordinating The Big Climate Fightback, a mass tree planting across the UK. This new campaign is a call to action, asking everyone and anyone to plant trees in the fight against climate change.


The 30th November is Tree Charter Day. Marked annually on the last Saturday of November, this is a national day celebrating trees and woods and is a perfect opportunity to recognise their importance in the fight against climate change.


The focal event will be held in Mead, Derbyshire, with numerous other events on the same day, across the UK.


Woodland Trust are part of the #iwill campaign promoting social action among young people, and they will be working with #iwill partners to involve young people in tree planting. They will also be sending out 700,000 free trees for planting via their community and schools tree packs.


Do you want to help Woodland Trust meet their goal of 1 million people picking up their spades and planting trees on 30th November? Get in touch at [email protected].




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