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A Year 5 teacher’s view on Transform Our World


“Practical, fun, easy to use, incredibly informative…”


Luisa, a Year 5 primary teacher in South London (pictured), is one of our Transform Our World teacher reviewers. She tells us why she’s excited about the Transform Our World launch.   


A transforming world 

I started working in primary schools in southeast London in 2012 (beginning first as a teaching assistant and now I’m a teacher), and in that time I can definitely see a shift in the way climate change and its related causes and effects is talked about across the school community.  


It’s certainly true that the rising enthusiasm we see on television, social media and the news is reflected in the young people we work with, colleagues and their families, and vice versa.  


With this new enthusiasm, has come various degrees of action and collaboration, pockets of passion and much discussion. 


Classroom challenges 

Building on this enthusiasm in the classroom comes with challenges.  How do I ensure that our community readiness to learn more, to act more, is able to play out on a regular basis in my classroom?  

One of the big battles is how do I promote this interest in an already established curriculum map rolled out across a multi-form entry year group? It often feels beyond my control. Introducing new ideas to a team is always more successful when the ideas are backed up by fully-realised and exciting resources.


Resources to use with confidence  

When I reviewed a Transform Our World resource, it felt straightaway like something solid I could feel confident bringing to the table at a planning meeting.  


It was practical, fun, easy to use, incredibly informative and it ticks curriculum boxes (actually outlining the boxes it ticks on an intro pdf). I’ve even put the release date in my calendar because I’m that excited to see what else Transform Our World has to offer!  


It’s particularly good timing for our school because we are staging a local picket and march for the Climate Strike, so passions will be ignited. I look forward to seeing how what feels like increased momentum plays out in my local community over the coming school year.  


Energetic times ahead!  


- Luisa, Year 5 teacher, South London  



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