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Young Voices To Support Climate Change
Posted by : Generation Action's Youth Panel
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Generation Action's Youth Panellist, Cerys, discusses her experience as a Youth Ambassador for SOS UK and her time on the Youth Panel.

Generation Action's Youth Panellist, Cerys, discusses her experience as a Youth Ambassador for SOS UK and her time on the Youth Panel.

''As a young person, I believe that the voices of the youth should be heard and taken seriously, not dismissed because we are simply 'not old enough' or 'immature.' Many young people are frustrated with the people in power who aren't doing anything to fight back against climate change. In an everchanging world, a growing symphony of amplified, passionate young people's voices are starting to be heard and recognised as important.''


''I am a Youth Ambassador for SOS UK and believe that young people have incredible ideas and opinions that are vital to fighting back against climate change. We meet monthly and discuss problems such as climate, pollution, sustainability and holding companies accountable for damaging the environment. Meeting other young people with the same passion as me has been an eye opener, I've learnt so much already and have made some great new friends. There are fifteen Youth Ambassadors in total and each one has creative, amazing ideas which deserve to be heard. We are going to meet with CEO's of companies, who we can pitch our ideas to, and they can help us develop them, putting them into motion.''

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''I am also a Youth Panellist for Transform Our World, and we meet weekly; our main goal is to create a session for the 2024 Youth Summit. Our focus this year is plastic and so far, we have found some shocking statistics and facts. Our weekly meetings bring together individual strengths and ideas in order to create content for 14-16-year-olds to address the problems of plastic pollution, with the outcome to evoke change.

There simply needs to be more done, by those in power, those who run large companies and all members of our global society to action climate change. This cannot be done in isolation of each group, all groups of society need to work together to better understand the impact that humans have on the environment, ways to make changes to decrease the damage and how we can use natural resources to future proof our planet.

The Youth Panels are a great starting point but an educational curriculum in all schools would support students to learn about climate change and educate us to find solutions to the issues that we have now and how to focus change for the future.

I feel privileged to be a Youth Panellist and Ambassador, and am excited by the role, learning from others and making a small, but positive impact on the environment.''


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