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The Another Way Ambassador Programme launching this September!
Posted by : Transform Our World
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The Another Way Ambassador Programme is launching this autumn and will give young people in schools the chance to influence their own communities, access resources and experience a network of like-minded people passionate about environmental and sustainability issues.


Currently, many students feel isolated and overwhelmed by the prospect of systemic change and by having to find their own way to make change in their school or local area. Being part of a wider network will give them security in their beliefs and actions, advice from other young people who have done similar things and credibility in the eyes of school management teams, councils and other authoritative bodies.


The programme primarily focuses on sustainability in schools and influencing communities. It aims to provide ambassadors with the tools to develop their own projects independently. Anyone who is passionate about our environment can sign up to be an ambassador and have access to the resources listed below. The site will be a platform for young environmentalists across the country to work together, whatever stage of their own journey they are at. Teachers can also sign up to the programme to support their students and to access the chat forum to share ideas and to talk to people in their local region.


Students can trial the programme now by signing up here: www.another-way.org.uk/ambassadors.


The programme includes:

  • Advice from other schools on how to reduce their waste and carbon footprint, increase the ecological benefit of the school i.e green spaces, trees, gardens, and incorporate environmental learning into the curriculum, clubs and management of the school.
  • Resources to help pupils and teachers live more sustainably at home and at school, to raise awareness of environmental issues and to encourage peers to get on board.
  • Bringing together many different awareness programmes with helpful tips for choosing a suitable one.
  • Event suggestions and corresponding resources e.g. risk assessments, funding ideas, detailed plans, advertising ideas etc.
  • Assembly plans and talks for community groups, primary schools, teachers, local businesses, etc.
  • Scientific information to back resources, with endorsement from scientists connected to Another Way, including our Patron, Dr. Alan Jamieson, and Mike Berners-Lee.
  • Recommended books, films and websites to help further the understanding of ambassadors.
  • Advice on how to form a committee and get teachers on board.
  • Case studies of young environmentalists, their projects and groups they have set up.
  • Inclusion into a forum network of national ambassadors.
  • Fundraising ideas.

So far, 30 primary schools and many secondary school students in Cumbria are signed up to be ambassadors and are sharing their own advice in the development of the site, so that it may be developed for young people by young people. Get involved by signing up to the Another Way Ambassador Programme here.


What is Another Way?

Another Way is an environmental charity that was founded by 16-year-old Amy Bray in January, 2019, stemming from her passion for our beautiful planet and especially the oceans she loves so devotedly.


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