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What makes a superb sustainability educator?

Thursday 24th June, 4pm-5:30pm


Participants will be introduced to the Rounder Sense of Purpose framework, which has been designed for educators, working at any level, who wish to provide an education for sustainable development.

Based on 12 educator competences, including creativity, values and empathy, the framework unfolds into a rich palette of learning outcomes that help educators and their students embrace a wide range of concerns – social, economic and environmental.

In this interactive workshop, teachers will develop a critical understanding of ESD, explore some of the skills and knowledge required of the educator and reflect on implications for their own practice.


This workshop will:

  • Consider what it means to offer education for sustainable development (ESD)
  • Outline a framework of educator competences for ESD
  •  Introduce a professional development opportunity to embed ESD in professional practice.



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Paul Vare


Starting work as a teacher in UK then Tanzania Paul soon switched to community-based environmental education, firstly in Leicester and then Mount Elgon, Uganda. His career has focused on international education and sustainability projects working for charities but with communities, large corporations and governments including the UN. He joined the University of Gloucestershire in 2013 to follow his interests in teaching and research. Currently he is chair of the Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) CPD Forum.


Paul is a Senior Lecturer, Course Leader for the Education Doctorate and works on various Education programmes at all levels.  He has led a number of Erasmus+ projects including A Rounder Sense of Purpose.



Paul Vare

Rick Millican


Rick started his educational career as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Spain and has worked in many different sectors and environments since, in England and overseas. He is fascinated by the topic of education in its broadest sense and enjoys exploring issues with colleagues and students. He is particularly interested in the contribution education can make to a socially just and sustainable world.


Rick is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire and course leader for the BA (Hons) Education. He has been an active partner in the Erasmus+ project A Rounder Sense of Purpose.



Rick Millican


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