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ASEN Spring Update 2022/2023
Posted by : UKSSN

Since the academic year began, the Avon Schools Eco-Network has been busy with various exciting activities:


  • Currently, they are supporting three students at Hayesfield school in Bath to run their annual Youth Climate Summit.  Six students from ASEN will also be in attendance to talk about the regional network and answer questions from the audience.


  • Next up they have a live performance of a screenplay about living in the future by one student, for their primary eco network. The event will be part of the lead-up to a public event on Earth Day.


  • They are also planning a trip to Paris for the Change now conference where one of the students has gotten the opportunity to speak.


  •  In terms of partnerships, the network had connected with like-minded partners in Uganda, the Schools Eco-Network Uganda. They have put together a package that helps both parties communicate better. This has allowed the students to communicate freely during their regular meetings with the Uganda Network and share ideas and concepts.


  • Lastly, 2 mentors from Avon have managed to go on and secure roles within the Ministry of Eco Education, one of UKSSN’s partner organisations.


 To find out more information about the Avon Schools Eco-Network you can contact [email protected]



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