Youth Climate Summit 2020 - Supporters

The Youth Climate Summit 2020 is being brought to you through the collaboration of a large group of individuals and organisations. We would like to thank all of them for their hard work in making this happen.

Design Committee

Design Committee Coordinator: Dr Jessica Tipton, Head of Sustainability and Teacher of MFL, St Paul’s Girls’ School


Ana Romero, Head of Sustainability and Global Education Coordinator at Wellington College


Andrew Featherstone, Geography Course Leader at Bede Sixth Form


Anna Devine, Reception teacher at Heathlands Primary


Annabel Taylor-Ross, Head of PSHE at Blundells School


Anne-Marie Sullivan, Science leader and Eco Club lead at Nelson Primary School


Alex Wrigglesworth, Design teacher at South Hampstead High School


Ben Bishop, Head of Geography at Eltham Hill


Ben King, Geography, Business Studies and Science Teacher at Churston Ferrers Grammar School Academy


Brad Frankel, Founder at Flooglebinder


Cleander Monticelli, Science leader and class teacher at Rose Street primary


Dan Boatright, Head of Geography and Earth Science at Joseph Chamberlain College


Edd Moore, Year 3 Teacher and Eco Coordinator at Damers First School


Emma Powell, Assistant Headteacher at Darlinghurst Academy


Jackie Henderson, Class teacher at Forgandenny Primary


Jenny Chapman, Head of sustainability and Biology teacher at North London Collegiate School

Kate Stockings, Head of Geography at Hampstead School


Katrina Halford, Head of Science at Chard School


Liz Bramhall, Environmental Lead and Chemistry teacher at Bolton School Boys Division


Liz Matthews, Head of Geography, Putney High School


Mark Philips, Deputy Head and English teacher at Ditcham Park School 


Martin Crabbe, Head of Geography at Glebe School


Mary Leonard, Science teacher and Environmental coordinator at Worle Community School


Mireille Digard, Teacher of MFL and Eco-coordinator at South Hunsley School


Paul Turner, Head of Geography at Bedales School


Poppy Flint, Thames21 Training Officer and freelance Educator for Sustainability 


Rose-Marie Turner, Head of Geography at Ditcham Park School


Sara Smith, Learning and Development Coordinator at Royal Highland Education Trust


Sharon Waters, Teacher at Riverside Academy


Simon Sampson, Geography Teacher and Head of PSHE Education at Harrow School


Sophie Mount, Supply Teacher for Primary Schools

In Support of the event



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