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Meet the UKSSN Board

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In spring 2022 UKSSN appointed a representative board of pupils, staff and alumni from across the regional networks with a majority of pupils. The Board meets twice per term and collaborates online to make decisions about the governance, aims and projects of UKSSN.


Jack - Communications & Recruitment Board Member

Year 13 pupil and Somerset Climate Justice Network founder

"I am a student passionate about the environment, politics and creating opportunities for others. Currently, I lead the Somerset Climate Justice Network branch of the UK Schools Sustainability Network. Through this, I help to ensure schools across the region can work towards becoming greener and create opportunities for students in environmental issues. I can't wait to get started as UKSSN Board Member for communications and recruitment!"




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Eleonore - Partnerships & Funding Board Member

Year 11 pupil and London Schools Eco Network member

"As a frequent reader of environmental news, I am aware of the large ramifications of climate change both in the UK and abroad. I hope to use my role as a UKSSN Board Member to help promote campaigns and grow the network. In my free time I enjoy participating in climate competitions. I won the Climate Science Olympiad in 2021 and presented our carbon tax proposal live at COP26 in Glasgow, and was highly commend for the World 7 Billion competition in 2022. UKSSN has already been very creative and efficient in combatting climate change and I look forward to being part of it again this year!"



Nathan - Diversity & Inclusion Board Member

Year 13 pupil and Yorkshire & Humber Schools Sustainability Network member

"I moved to the UK from the Philippines where I experienced firsthand the catastrophic effects of anthropogenic climate change. These past few years, I've been trying to learn more about the science behind the climate crisis and how to mitigate its effects. My home country is one of many in the global south which face the repercussions of climate change every day despite their miniscule contribution to global emissions. My goal is to spread awareness of socio-economic and national disparities with regards to climate change as well as to encourage transformative action in however way I can!




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Georgiana - Aims & Impact Board Member

Year 13 pupil and Berkshire Schools Eco Network member

"I have been part of the UKSSN for over a year and have really enjoyed being able to take part in the numerous opportunities including attending COP26 last November. I believe that as a member of the youth we have a responsibility to take action and prepare as the climate crisis escalates so being able to extend my impact through the UKSSN has been vital. I am hoping to study Geography at university with a particular interest in aspects involving sustainability and how we can progress in order to mitigate emissions and overcome future challenges." 



Abyan, Anthony and Dr John Patterson - SEN Board Members
Pupils and Principal of St Vincent's Specialist School for Sensory Impairment and Mersey Region Schools Sustainability Network founders

Abyan (top photo): "I am a lead pupil in the ‘Grow Wild’ enrichment programme. As a bilingual pupil, I am developing ideas for sharing best practice remotely overseas for other visually impaired young people such as ‘The Little Free Greenhouse’." 

Anthony (bottom photo): "I attended COP26 with UKSSN last year and am a lead pupil in research and design projects such as the recently developed APP for Kelloggs. I am currently working on a carbon capture unit and two low vision access aids to enable VI young people to ‘do their bit’ for nature."

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Dr John Patterson, Principal: "I am an engineer who retrained as a teacher to work across inner city, Liverpool. As Senior Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, I taught across teacher training programmes as head of Physical Education, leading on 'widening participation and 'entrepreneurial learning, and have published in peer-reviewed journals on volunteerism and 'social capital'. We at St Vincent's School will be playing the important role of ensuring that UKSSN is accessible to Specialist Educational Needs settings."


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Pimpichcha (Pim) Sullivan-Tailyour - Youth Voice and Empowerment Board Member

Undergraduate student and Avon Schools Eco Network alumna

"I am currently studying Environmental Sciences and Geography at King’s College London and have worked on many projects involving youth empowerment and voice, including chairing the Bath & North East Somerset Youth Climate Conference and facilitating workshops for the non-profit Force of Nature set up by youth activist Clover Hogan. I see the importance of recognising the interconnections between schools and how they can become a place to cultivate hope in the face of the climate crisis. I hope to use my experience as a network alumna to develop the networks and make connections outside of schools." 




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Mireille Digard - Curriculum and Safeguarding Board Member
MFL Teacher and Sustainability Lead at The Education Alliance and Yorkshire & Humber Schools Sustainability Network staff member

"I am a Teacher and Sustainability Lead for a Multi-Academy Trust in East Yorkshire. I live in Hull. I have been a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages and PSHE for most of my career, but I have also worked as a freelance translator and a wine educator. Both roles helped me gain awareness of sustainability-related issues and, when I returned to teaching, I became the Eco-coordinator for the school where I still teach. I am an advocate of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and climate justice. In 2021, I completed the Climate Reality Leadership training program." 



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Jenny Chapman - Curriculum and Safeguarding Board Member

Biology Teacher at Highgate School and London Schools Eco Network staff chair

"I have an intense love of the natural world (and an equally intense desire to protect it!) which stems from a childhood spent pottering around nature reserves in the West Country. I hold degrees from the University of Oxford and the Natural History Museum and chair the London Schools Eco Network, alongside teaching Biology. I campaign with environmental groups and am involved in the Effective Altruism movement, with a particular interest in climate and farmed animal advocacy." 


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Paul Edmond - School Operations Board Member

Chief Finance Officer at HEART Academies Trust and UKSSN Operations Group Co-Chair


"As well as being Chief Finance Officer for HEART Multi-Academy Trust in Bedford, I am also the Climate and Sustainability lead, a role that developed during 2021/22 alongside a refocussing of the Trust’s core priorities. I am also a Trustee for the Diamond Learning Partnership Trust. In 2022 I accepted the role of co-chair of the new UKSSN Operations group, a growing network working to help school support staff navigate a way to a more sustainable future."   



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The following Global Action Plan staff act as the Secretariat for the Board:


Dr Jess Tipton

Head of Youth Networks, Global Action Plan 


Muthoni Wanyoike

Programme Assistant, Global Action Plan 




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