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The UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN) was established in spring 2021 as an umbrella to bring together regional networks of school pupils to connect and collaborate on issues they care about, fully supported by staff. The UKSSN is making schools, communities, regions and countries more aware of the climate and nature crises, and ultimately more sustainable, through: collaboration & support; representation & inclusivity; education & empowerment. 

“Never before have we needed to join up for the sake of our shared planet more and schools are so key in this. From speaking to the UKSSN at COP26 and online I am aware of the critical need for this forum for students and staff to know they’re not alone, transform their schools and communities, and amplify the voices of our young people. I can’t think of a better way of supporting the younger generation than joining or sponsoring the UKSSN” ~ George Monbiot 

"The school climate strikers, led by Greta Thunberg, helped change the way the world view climate breakdown and highlighted, especially, its impact on our young people. To me, UKSSN is a great way of carrying that momentum forward. I have been awed and humbled every time I have worked with them." ~ Prof. Rupert Read

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"The vibe from the group is just so upbeat and positive. 
It really helps with mental health" ~ Year 13, Oxford  

 "The range of guests and topics is really enriching" ~ Year 12, Yorkshire

“Networking with like-minded individuals and not feeling alone in the daunting fight against climate change” ~ Year 13, Midlands

"Interacting with such a passionate, inspiring bunch of students and staff regularly has made teaching feel more worthwhile!" ~ teacher, Somerset

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By supporting the UKSSN you will be enabling and empowering school pupils and educators to have a stronger voice by joining together to raise awareness and influence their peers, communities and the education sector. 

There are a few ways you could support us, for example: 

We can discuss a sponsorship package so that you receive recognition for your support.  

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