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LSEN meetings in 2021/22 saw presentations from students about:



LSEN meetings in 2021/22 saw student-led discussions about: 


  • recognising and managing eco-anxiety 
  • the use of sustainable face coverings in schools 
  • hosting sustainability conferences for local schools 
  • setting school-wide eco news years resolutions 
  • running a people's assembly 
  • how to communicate the climate crisis 
  • initiatives to get students and staff cycling to school 



2021/22 academic year 










  • The 2022 Fast Fashion Free February campaign was launched which saw LSEN students work with UKSSN schools to take the campaign and student-produced resources (assembly scripts, displays, quizzes, workshop outlines, pledges and digital media) to the national level





  • Summer 2022 saw the start of the LSEN sustainable school trips campaign  






2020/21 academic year


  • The LSEN published their Summer 2021 Eco challenge which was shared with schools across the city and country  



  • LSEN students from different schools worked together to take part in online and face to face Mock international climate conferences with InterClimate Network 


  • LSEN Students helped to film a provocation video for KCL/York/BERA Manifesto for Education for Environmental Sustainability 


  • The LSEN supported the Kensington High Street Cycle Lane campaign 


  • Students from the LSEN took part in a digital storytelling workshop with Bill Finnegan which resulted in the publication of Letters from the Future 


  • The LSEN hosted an online screening of the film 2040  


  • LSEN joined students from the Midlands and Berkshire networks to record a joint school video assembly in December 2020 on the topics of taking climate action and eco-anxiety



  • The LSEN devised and published the October 2020 half term challenge


  • Students from a variety of LSEN schools collaborated to publish a World Environment Day 2020 joint assembly video


  • LSEN students were involved in the MP green economic recovery campaign 


  • Students and staff from LSEN schools were involved in road testing the Giki carbon footprint app 



The early days in 2019/2020



  • Students from a dozen London schools attended a Sustainability Careers Forum with representatives from the travel, tech, communications and university sectors




  • First staff meeting held in autumn 2019


  • Initial student meetings at each other’s schools, including garden tours and a meeting with youth climate activist Noga Levy-Rappoport




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