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UK Schools Sustainability Network

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About us


There are now UK regional networks established in Avon, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, London, Mersey Region, Midlands, Oxford, Somerset and Surrey, with further networks being developed in Devon, East of England, Greater Manchester, Northumberland and Yorkshire & Humber. A similar network has also set up in Ireland. The networks provide students and staff with a way to connect with peers, share ideas and resources, collaborate on local, national and international initiatives, and develop personal, social and workplace skills. 

In spring 2021 the UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN) was formed as an umbrella to bring all these regional networks together. The UKSSN meets a few times per term online to bring student and staff reps together from all the regional networks. They also meet for specific projects and activities.

The safeguarding and wellbeing of network pupils is of paramount importance for the regional networks and UKSSN. A rigorous policy, based on the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) and NSPCC guidance, as well as member schools' own policies, is followed by all staff and students involved. Click here for our current Safeguarding and GDPR policy.    

Most schools in the networks are secondary but students and staff often work on environmental projects with local primaries.

International twinning is also being set up with schools in Bulgaria, Kenya, Korea, Malawi, Nepal and South Africa. 


Each regional network has a staff branch to act as a support network for educators from various disciplines and school roles to share resources and ideas. There is a UKSSN staff networking group (with offshoots for school business leaders, subject specialists, and for primary and secondary staff) that interacts online and occasionally meets in person for away days around the UK. 


In spring 2022 we set up a representative board of 5 students (from Avon, Berks, London, Mersey & Yorkshire regions) and 2 staff (teaching and operations) that meets twice per term to make decisions about the governance, aims and projects of UKSSN.



The regional networks are run at grassroots level - often centred around a hub school - and the whole network is now hosted and supported by Global Action Plan to enable wider reach. 

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Our mission statement & aims


In spring 2022 we agreed that our Mission Statement is to make our schools, communities, regions and countries more aware of the climate and nature crises, and ultimately more sustainable, through… ​

Collaboration and Support

  • Bringing together networks of students to connect and collaborate on local, national and international issues they care about, fully supported by school staff​
  • Deciding collectively which local, national and international campaigns and initiatives to support, bearing in mind our aim of bringing together as many voices as possible ​


Representation ​and Inclusivity

  • Aiming to be as representative, inclusive and diverse as possible, working proactively to recruit schools, students and staff from under-represented regions, backgrounds and school types​
  • Holding a constructive and cooperative stance in order to involve as many as possible, in particular those not wishing or unable to join other movements


Education and Empowerment

  • Seeking out opportunities and platforms for students and staff to share ideas, views and resources, to influence those with power and to develop personal, social and workplace skills ​
  • Going beyond focusing solely on purely environmental issues and highlighting the fact that the challenges affecting people and planet are interconnected​


UKSSN videos 


UKSSN Back from COP26 Highlights (Transform Our World Youth Summit)

UKSSN Valuing Green Space video (with PPL PWR)

Joint school assembly produced by UKSSN students

UKSSN staff INSET video

UKSSN Partners


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