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Schools Climate Action Planner

The Schools Climate Action Planner is coming soon!


Transform Our World and our partners are soon to launch a free, online, easy-to-use action planning tool to help teachers and students prioritise the actions their school can take to reduce its environmental impact. The tool will point you to the best support, resources, and programmes out there to help you take impactful action across all areas of school life - campus, curriculum, community and culture.


The tool will help your school: 


  • Reduce your carbon footprint and help you on your journey to zero
  • Identify actions across the school's campus, curriculum, community and culture, showing a wide range of options to reduce your environmental impact
  • Help everyone in the school community understand the issues surrounding the climate crisis and what they can do to take action
  • Help students and staff learn and build skills for the future, whilst supporting personal wellbeing and mental health through taking action to protect our planet


How will the tool work?


You will be asked to answer some simple yes or no questions about your school and its site, which the tool will then use to show a list of priority actions your school can take. These will be prioritised based on the applicability of each action to your school and also the impact it could have at your school. You will then be pointed to resources, initiatives and programmes from our Transform Our World partners and other organisations to help you on your journey to completing each action. 


If your school is already committed to the Let's Go Zero campaign, then this tool will help you work out how to reach that goal. If you haven't signed up to the campaign yet, please visit letsgozero.org for further information.


If you are an organisation with relevant resources to share, please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of this page. 



Watch this space and return to this page for further updates.


"The Transform Our World action planning tool will be so useful for schools who are working to be zero carbon as part of the Let’s Go Zero campaign. It provides the advice and support that schools need to find their way on their journey to zero carbon."


Alex Green, Let's Go Zero 





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