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Working towards wellbeing

Goals for Good is a goal setting course that uses the latest research into happiness and wellbeing to support young people to set goals that will really make them happy. So far, it's been run with 300 people in three different countries.


One young person taking part set a goal to start a daily practice of midfulness through yoga. She chose it because she enjoys yoga, but also because she felt that she spent too much of the day being stressed; some time to reflect would be healthy! While she didn't quite manage to do yoga every day, she was conscious of the need to take time out to be mindful. She found that this change to her daily routine made her feel calmer, and at the same time improved the wellbeing of those around her as it mader her a nicer, calmer person to be around! She's now spreading the word to get more people to take time out to be mindful. 



"The biggest challenge for me was making the habit stick on a daily basis. I learnt to take baby steps and be kinder to myself along the way”. ”


Laura, Goals for Good


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