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Changing Habits

Students inspire change in their community

While the students of No 1 Lower Secondary School in Pionki, Poland were out doing water measurements for Water Explorer they noticed that a lot of old electronics had been dumped in the water. Unfortunately, their local community had developed a habit of throwing old electricals in the lake. Concerned about the impact that this was having on the water quality, the Explorers decided to create a campaign to educate local residents on the correct way to dispose of their electricals.


The team created leaflets and posters and even arranged a parade through the town, asking people to bring all of their old electrical appliances to the school. They then arranged for a recycling company to come and collect everything. In total there was six tonnes of electricals to collect! The local municipality praised the school's efforts, and now provide more bins for locals to recycle their electronics.


The work of the Water Explorers has not only protected their local waterways by encouraging more recycling, it has also saved the secret water that went into the production of these electronics.


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