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The Good Life Group at Fulham Cross Girls School wanted to help everyone lead happier, more sustainable lives and conducted an audit to identify how they could reduce consumption and improve student wellbeing.

The group created a Good Life Charter with five commitments to help everyone lead happier, more sustainable lives:

  • Introduce reusable containers in the canteen to reduce single-use plastic waste
  • Create an allotment in the garden for growing food and composting waste
  • Build a sheltered area outdoors to allow students to enjoy nature in all weather
  • Design a hope garden, winter garden and summer garden to create green spaces in school all year round that act as mental health spaces for all staff and students
  • Teach others in the school about the importance of reducing consumption and improving wellbeing
A girl in student uniform holding a plant in a pot. She is smiling through the plant

“I feel inspired to make change

- Student
Fulham Cross Girls' School

After six months of planning and putting their Charter commitments into action, the group are so proud of what has been achieved through working together. The school now has beautiful gardens where students are learning to grow their own plants and vegetables. The group have worked hard to ensure that the whole of Key Stage 3 (years 7-9) participate in a 6-week programme around climate action.

The local community have helped them put their Charter into action. Children’s book author, Paul Noel, supported the group t develop their understanding of pollination and used their new knowledge to create their own bee-superhighway in the hope garden. The local B&Q has supported by providing gardening materials too!

This Good Life Group plan to take things even further and would like to have a positive impact beyond the school gates. The group plan to organise a local community day that focusses on recycling, reusing and repairing as well as providing a space for students to drop off old uniform to be reused by others in need. It will also be a chance to sell the crops that the students have grown in the garden and educate others on the benefits that gardening brings to wellbeing of people and planet.

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“Next year we intend to take this learning further, discussing key environmental developments, consumption and issues within form time, growing our own food for our lessons, canteen and for staff and parents, to educate about seasonal food and reducing our carbon emissions by cooking the food as we grow, as well as stepping into primary schools to help pass the love of environmental education down.”

Alice Thompson

Head of Year 10 and Lead Climate Change Teacher, Fulham Cross Girls' School


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