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Climate Justice Hope and Action

'Climate justice, hope and action' is a set of free KS3 teaching resources which supports a diverse curriculum, and aims to empower students and develop critical thinking.


Topics include:

  • the current climate and biodiversity crisis
  • climate injustice
  • solutions to the climate crisis
  • eco-anxiety


The pack includes 17 lesson plans divided into 6 topic sections that can be used as standalone lessons, a resource for a whole-school environment week or a longer-term programme of learning. Each lesson plan includes a teacher guide, an editable powerpoint and all additional resources. The pack also includes a reading and resources section for teachers to extend their understanding of the topics and issues covered.


The lesson plans are directly linked to the National Curriculum in England and in Northern Ireland. They also support the curriculum in Wales. Subjects covered include PSHE, Art, Geography, English, History, Drama, Technology, Science and Religious Studies.

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11-14 years old
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This is an excellent resource pack which encourages environmental studies to be explored across a range of curricular areas - from art to PSHE. The Teacher Guide is very helpful for timetabling and shows how the pack can be used for a termly topic, themed week or for stand-alone lessons. The lesson plans and activities are rich and engaging, supporting students to a) deepen their knowledge of climate change; b) manage their feelings around the topic in a positive, hopeful way; and c) develop skills and values to help them take action. 

This resource helps support the below Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
For more information on the full set of SDGs, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Take urgent action to combat climate change by regulating emissions and promoting developments in renewable energy.


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