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Welcome to our collection of case studies! The stories listed below showcase some of the schools across the UK taking action against air pollution. We look forward to sharing more case studies with you as we hear from schools that have completed the framework and implemented their Clean Air Action Plans.


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Installing air cleaning devices at St Mark’s CofE Primary School
Posted by : Lambeth Schools Air Quality Programme

St Mark's CofE Primary School, London




St Mark’s CofE Primary School in Lambeth is within very close proximity to major traffic-heavy roads, including Kennington oval, the A3 and the A3204. The school community were concerned about the air pollution getting into the classrooms that face directly onto Kennington Oval and affecting the staff and students’ health.




The recommended action and preferred choice to reduce air pollution is always to improve air pollution at source.  However, when this is not possible, as was the case at St Mark’s CofE School, other alternatives can be explored.  

As part of the Lambeth Schools Air Quality programme, funding was provided to receive an air cleaning device for each of the 3 classrooms and 1 small library space that faced onto the busy road (Kennington Oval). Impact on Urban Health invited PHS Services* to support in providing the school with air cleaning devices.


PHS Services* were able to supply the air cleaning devices free of charge in return of public promotion as part of their CSR work. This included the installation costs as well as 2 years of maintenance fees. Seven Aeramax air cleaning device units in total were installed over two days in early September 2021: two in each classroom and one in the small library space. The installation involved a site survey followed by a separate fitting.




The University of Surrey carried out a study in the school to measure the impact of this intervention.  The study showed that the installation of the air cleaning devices reduced the in-class concentrations of particulate matter by up to 59% during school hours.


“One of the children thinks that the air quality is better and her asthma has improved.  Others said the smell of the air had improved.“

– Sola Ingram, Headteacher



(*) Important information to note:


The results of this study are specific to the school monitored. The improvement in air pollutants will vary depending on the school’s location characteristics and the specifics of the interventions used. As such, schools should carry out their own assessments and seek advice from advice from an air quality professional to determine the most appropriate solution based on their individual circumstances.

The information on this web page is intended as a general reference tool for users only and does not constitute an offer for the sale or purchase of any goods, nor an endorsement of any associated organisation, product or service; nor shall it be construed as a representation or warranty by Impact on Urban Health, The University of Surrey, and Global Action Plan, nor either of their respective directors, employees and agents (together, the “Information Providers”), express or implied, with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained within this web page; nor with respect to the quality or fitness for purpose of any goods or products referred to and does not constitute endorsement of any goods, products or services.



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