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Water Explorer at COP25


On Wednesday 11th December, Water Explorer, the award-winning global schools programme from Global Action Plan was presented at COP25 in Madrid by Carlos Oppe from Global Action Plan Spain (part of Global Action Plan International). Carlos was joined by Water Explorers and showcased what the programme has achieved since it began in 2014.


Luke Wynne, Head of Youth and Schools at Global Action Plan said: "Over 13 countries and five incredible years, Water Explorer has brought together thousands of young people and empowered them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead positive change in their schools and communities, leading to a water saving of over 10.3million m3.


More importantly though, we have a seen a significant shift towards more compassionate and bigger-than-self values in our young Water Explorers, a vital but sometimes overlooked ingredient in environmental education programmes.


When these values are strongly held, we know that people are more likely to prioritise action (and inspire action) to address the wider societal and environmental issues we face. Now, more than ever, we need more people to come together and take sustained action on these issues, something the many thousands of Water Explorer around the world are already doing."


Water Explorer is available in the programmes section of the Transform Our World hub. 



Water Explorer International Teleconference


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