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Youth Ambassador Erko on the power of youth
Posted by : Transform our World
Youth Ambassador Erko

Youth Ambassador Erko

by Erko, Youth Climate Summit Ambassador


Youth Ambassador Erko writes about the power of youth, and why she became an ambassador for the Youth Climate Summit


Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone.


Our world grows and thrives because of the interconnected communities and collaborative action towards progress. However, this also means that our planet is suffering because of us.


Humans once set in their habits and comfort zones find it challenging to escape the routine, even if it is hurtful, which is why we have yet to commit to the necessary plan of action to revert the climate catastrophe.


The struggle must not deter us from supporting a cause we believe to be right. I am proud of people for consciously waking up from ignorance and indifference towards the state of our own home.


Sometimes a thought-out shift in perspectives brings things back into focus. It may seem that it takes unrealistic capabilities to keep up with the demands of our current circumstances, but we need to remember that we already have what it takes: we care. This is why I applied to become an ambassador for the Youth Climate Summit.


Our generation has the means, drive and yearning to change the world for the better, which is why we so often hear stories of determined and vocal youth members as well as heated discussions between them.


Educating, learning and empathising is what will help us build united communities resilient to hardships we might face. I believe that the climate summit will help us achieve our goals.


A collaborative educational space open to schools from around the globe is an opportunity to connect with people who share your ambition to impact, eagerness to take action and sense of urgency in the face of climate catastrophe.


So thank you for being here, reading this, educating yourself, and raising awareness.


Thank you for being a mindful global citizen ready to take action.



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