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Year 5 at St Brigids explore global goals
Posted by : By Liz, Transform Our World, Youth Engagement Officer

Groups from Year 5 at St Brigid’s RC Primary School in Beswick, East Manchester discussed and shared their hopes about transforming our world and how they wanted to take social and environmental action.


They talked about their shared values and how they could incorporate them into the heart of projects to help either their school and local community, or to tackle a global issue. 


Next, the class explored the 17 Global Goals and as a class selected the ones that they felt the most passionately about.


Some of the more artistically-inclined students then produced maps showing how their ideal country could look in 2030 if it incorporated all these goals. 


The next stage of the journey allowed each group to have the opportunity to explain their project ideas.


Initial ideas were shared and the group answered probing questions from the rest of the class, such as ‘Will it be sustainable?’ ‘Who can we ask for help and support?’ ‘What can we make the most impact on?’ These were then voted upon and the class has finally chosen to focus their projects on helping the homeless and saving the oceans.  


Further work is afoot to flesh out what action will take place, the groups will be unleashing their artistic skills to start advertising projects and getting the fine details nailed down.



St Brigid's RC Primary is supported by Transform Our World Youth Engagement Officer Liz, funded by #iWillFund 


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