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Transform Our World Youth Ambassador publishes academic paper
Posted by : Transform Our World

Youth Ambassador Lucie from last year's Youth Climate Summit has recently had her first academic paper - A journey of emotions by a young environmental activist - published by the Royal Geographic Society.


Lucie started becoming interested in environmental issues after watching Blue Planet 2 and started by engaging with plastic pollution. She then moved on to the impacts of climate issues and worked closely with a working group of researchers including her mum, Katie.


"It's really important that young people are able to tell our stories. Many times young people’s voices are not heard, or words are spoken for us. In the paper I was able to control what was said - without adults assuming - as it was about me and my feelings. I also think that by sharing my emotions and how I felt about climate change, I can help other people who may feel the same and by how taking action myself I was able to make a difference and have hope for the future."


- Lucie


"It is vital that we listen and understand the impacts of climate change on children and young people. This project let us explore the emotional journey of one young person, but there are millions more stories out there of course that we also need to hear and understand. There are many hidden impacts of climate change, and our paper shows how eco-anxiety can begin to be addressed, at least to a degree, by engagement and taking collective action. Taking action allowed Lucie to feel hope for the future – which was a key outcome from the work."


- Katie



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