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Stow Primary School learn about palm oil
Posted by TOW partner : Giki


Giki visited Stow Primary School in the Scottish Borders to run an assembly and various classroom sessions on palm oil. The children were hugely engaged as they had already done a fantastic project tackling plastics and were keen to learn about other positive ways they could have an impact on the environment.


After the assembly, Giki spent time in each classroom talking about palm oil and broader environmental issues such as climate change. The main focus of discussions was around what everyone can do as individuals and communities.


Jo from Giki talking to the children at Stow Primary about palm oil

After the sessions, Stow Primary were inspired and used Giki’s "Tools for Schools" to raise more awareness around the issue of palm oil.


The children decided to change some of the food stocked at their breakfast club to ensure that it was either sustainable palm oil, or palm free. The children also ran sessions at local events to show parents and families how food production and consumption can have impacts on the environment and how we can all make adjustments to what we eat to improve our impact.


You can find the free Giki Palm Oil teacher resources and activities on Transform Our World here.


Be inspired further, and find out what the school did to tackle plastic pollution on the Giki website.


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