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Life after COP26
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"Seeing the scale of youth voices and representation at COP26 this year is a sign for hope.

We're hearing the truth, common sense, passion and values coming from young people. Let's co-create together the future we so desperately need." 


-Luke Wynne, Head of Youth and Schools, Global Action Plan  


After a long fortnight of COP26, and the Transform Our World Youth Summit, we’re feeling hopeful for the future and inspired by the determination of young people.


Keeping a close eye on what was happening at COP26, our Transform Our World Youth Summit Ambassadors Lydia and Kayla delivered updates to our own Summit, with clear and incisive daily digests of what was going on at COP.


View here to see a taster of their round up from the final Friday (12th Nov 2021) of COP26:


Sanaa, Nor, Danyaal, Matty and Grace from the UK Schools Sustainability Network were part of a group of over 20 students who went to Glasgow to COP26 on the weekend of 4-7 November. They shared what the experience meant to them in the Back to COP26 session on Values Day of the Transform Our World Youth Summit.


Check out this taster of their session here, where they talk about their presence in the blue zone and green zones of COP26, a primary school visit they found inspiring, a park run they attended with students from St Vincent's School (a Specialist School for Sensory Impairment) and their visit to a Gen Zero classroom of the future, meeting the Secretary of State for Education Nadhim Zahawi MP:


We were also impressed by the great work of young people celebrated at the Climate Kick Start Event which happened on the Youth and Empowerment Day of COP26 in London and was hosted by the Greater London Authority.   

Young people are calling for change and demanding action. Transform Our World is here to give environmental educators the resources and tools to feel empowered and confident in teaching about climate change. 


Don’t forget you can watch the Transform Our World Youth Summit on catch up now. 


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"Just know that there are many other people that care about the environment too.

So don't ever feel alone, don't feel pessimistic, even now we all came here together, we went to Scotland, we made a big difference, talked to many important people just to prove that lots of people do care about the environment.

Always remember that your voice should be heard."


- Grace, UK Schools Sustainability Network



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