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JUST ONE Tree Day launched for October 15th 2021
Posted by TOW partner : JUST ONE Tree


A fun and educational non-uniform day uniting children, teachers and schools in reforesting the planet whilst helping children to connect with the importance of protecting our natural world.


The first two JUST ONE Tree Days have seen 154,000 children across 8 countries come to school in their own clothes or wearing something green and learning about the importance of protecting our planet.


For every £1 raised a tree is planted on their behalf in areas of deforestation where they can have the greatest positive effect on reducing global warming.


The event also helps:


  • reduce climate anxiety through direct action,
  • demonstrates how an individual's actions do make a difference,
  • raises climate awareness to the wider school community,
  • helps schools compensate for their environmental impact at no cost to the school,
  • reverses biodiversity loss and removes CO2 from the atmosphere,
  • helps to prevent deforestation through providing agricultural education, training and sustainable incomes in the areas where the trees are planted.


The children get to watch how their single tree means collectively their school plants a woodland and across all the schools, a 'children's forest' is planted for their future. Currently their forest stands at over 150,000 trees (Autumn 2020).




"One of our year 4 pupils was so inspired by our JUST ONE Tree Day, that she took it upon herself to write to the Prime Minister about the dangers of deforestation and ask what they were going to do about it".


St Leonard's First School, Dunston.




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