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Inspiring 9 year old from Dorset features on Australian Radio
Posted by : Edd Moore


Isla is 9 years old and is about to move on from Damers First School in Dorset. She is so passionate about looking after where she lives that she is out before and after school cleaning up her neighbourhood, doing a beach clean at weekends or during the school holidays. She even asked for a litter picker for Christmas!


Isla has given presentations to community organisations and businesses of 100 plus people about removing single use plastic. She has written to and met local MPs about the litter problems in the local area. 



Isla took part in a Green Clean with a local secondary school as part of CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) Campaign. She went to Westminster with a group of children from Damers First School and spoke to Michael Gove about the importance of having a Deposit Return System with every plastic and glass bottle, can and carton being included. She was awarded a Blue Peter Green Badge and named Volunteer Centre Dorset Young Volunteer of the Year for all her environmental work in the community and across the UK. 


At the beginning of the Summer holidays Isla and her teacher featured on Funky Kids Radio, a station that is produced and presented by children based in Melbourne Australia. They discussed and celebrated the amazing eco work Isla and the Damers First School had been doing. You can find out more by listening to the interview here. 


Isla shows us all the way to a greener future.


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