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Dallow Primary changemakers take youth social action
Posted by : Transform our World

By Alex Pang, Youth Engagement Officer


Year 6 changemakers from Dallow Primary in Luton have got stuck in with learning more about each other, their values, and how they can make a positive difference to their school and local community. 


In the two sessions they’ve had, the students in Year 6 have eagerly participated in a range of activities, from playing ‘would you rather?’ to sharing with each other their likes and dislikes and learning about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Although students in the class have known each other for a long time, they discovered a few interesting new facts about each other and enjoyed having a go at a fun self-portrait. 


The class also worked hard to complete the Values activity, which involved taking time to consider what was important to them.


Having each identified and circled their top 10 values, then narrowing it down to 5, and eventually 3, each student ended up with the values they cherished most.


They took time to reflect on this process and could identify how they lived out these values. They were eager to share with the class the values they ended up with too. 


Each student also designed a poster to reflect their values and the Dirt Is Good principles. 


Dallow Primary School is supported by Youth Engagement Officer Alex, funded by #iwill  


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