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Compassionate values at Divine Mercy Primary School
Posted by : Liz, Transform Our World, Youth Engagement Officer
children working around a table

Projects are nearing completion at Divine Mercy Primary School in Moss Side, Manchester. The Year 4’s have been working hard on two fantastic ideas to share compassionate values within their school and community.  


The Divine Book Exchange group decided they wanted to create a book exchange open to everyone in the school. They’ve spent the last few weeks advertising for donations of second hand books as well as encouraging students to bring in a book to swap on the day.


To further promote this feeling of togetherness, they have organised to read to groups of children in the Reception and Year 1 classes. These buddy reading sessions will help forge links between the year groups and give the younger children something to aspire to. 


‘We did our research and found out that reading for just 10 minutes a day can have a huge benefit. It’s a brilliant way to relax and unwind and escape from the world’ explained Nour. 


As well as amassing books, the group has designed their own bookmarks to be given away at the event.  


Girl holds sign saying Please come to our book exchange and swop a book

'Show Respect Choose Kindness' group was formed to encourage these core values amongst students. Habi and Kody joined the group because ‘We think that everyone should treat each other nicely, that way the world will be a better place’. 


The group have organised an Appreciation Station, allowing anyone in the school to come and jot down how much they appreciate a member of staff or student.


The group are going to run the station wearing their own customised tshirts bearing the logo, ‘Choose Kindness’ so other children know who to go to if they need support or just a friendly face to chat to.


On launch day they are planning to decorate the playground using chalk to draw and write out positive messages and words of wisdom.


Similar messages will be given out to children on cards for them to take home. ‘I can’t wait to make everyone happy on this special day’, said Fatma. 



Divine Mercy Primary is supported by Transform Our World Youth Engagement Officer Liz, funded by #iWillFund 


Girl shows a letter of appreciation she has written
boy with a kindness picture


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