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Clover Hogan interviewed by Youth Ambassador Zoe
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Clover Hogan, founder of Force of Nature joined Global Action Plan as a Youth Trustee in March 2020.


Having a youth board member was one of the steps Global Action Plan took through the #iWill Power of Youth charter, to open up their decision making process and offer leadership opportunities to young people.


As Clover's time with Global Action Plan comes to an end, she talks to Transform Our World Youth Ambassador Zoe, reflecting on her time at Global Action Plan, the importance of the voice of youth and how organisations need to involve young people in decision making.


Applications are open now for new Global Action Plan Trustees, so if you would like to apply to be the next youth board member - Climate Justice Trustee, visit the Global Action Plan site. The position is open to people aged 18-25 years old. The deadline for applications is 4th February.



Sonja Graham, CEO of Global Action Plan says: 

"Young people have the most to lose from inaction on climate change and yet most will not get a seat at decision making tables until it is too late.


All Boards should join us in having a youth Trustee – ours have been incredible at challenging us to be bolder, faster, more ambitious.


They have also gained experience to grow their own amazing social/environmental organisations - as both of our youth Trustees have gone off to do! I’d like to thank the fab Clover Hogan for her time with us and encourage any young people inspired to create real change in the world to apply today, you certainly won’t get it if you don’t!!"


Please share this opportunity with young people you know. Deadline is 4th February.


APPLY TO BE A GLOBAL ACTION PLAN climate justice trustee



Watch the interview in full:


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