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Children can make a positive difference for our planet, even whilst schools are closed
Posted by TOW partner : Young Climate Warriors


Young Climate Warriors provides fun, weekly challenges, that help children aged 7-13 tackle climate change. Young Climate Warriors Founder, Katrina Judge, has announced that challenges will continue during the Easter holidays and throughout the time that schools are closed, saying:


“We hope the Young Climate Warriors challenges will provide an engaging and fun activity, with a really positive purpose, that children can undertake whilst they are at home”.


In the past year 1,000 children around the UK have signed up to be Young Climate Warriors, cutting carbon emissions and harnessing the power of collective action - working together as a ‘virtual’ team to respond to climate change.


‘I love Young Climate Warriors because when I’m doing the challenges I always end up laughing and having fun!’

- Year 5 Student, Godstowe School, High Wycombe


Over 50 teachers have signed up to encourage their pupils to become Young Climate Warriors. They receive the free weekly schools’ pack, which includes simple resources to introduce the weekly challenges, for children to then undertake at home.


‘Fun and inspiring, full of positive messages’

- Caryn Madge, Kings College Junior School, Wimbledon

Help children feel part of something that makes a difference. Inspire hope for the future.


Young Climate Warriors aims to help children feel part of something bigger – a team of children doing something to tackle climate change. By signing up on the website, undertaking the same actions in the same week as hundreds of other children, and by ‘Hitting the Red Button’ online when they have completed a challenge, they can develop a sense of solidarity with other children working towards the same goals.


How can families or schools get involved?


Families can sign up to receive the weekly challenge direct by email clicking here.


Teachers looking for resources to share with their students during school closures, can sign up for a free weekly schools’ pack, via this link. 


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