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“What’s the solution to the pollution?”: Gorse Hall Primary School get creative for Clean Air Day
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Gorse Hall School is a primary school located in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester that made an exceptional effort for this year’s Clean Air Day.


The eco-committee were so passionate about raising awareness around tackling air pollution, that they decided to get their school involved and take action on the day.


A group of students of all ages in the school came together to produce some powerful drawings representing the health of the lungs of our planet in a world with clean air compared with dirty polluted air. They also created some useful posters including information on some of the main polluters to our air, such as sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and lead.


Most impressive of all, these passionate pupils filmed a Clean Air Day awareness video including songs, chants and lots of information and it showed real whole-school collaboration towards fighting for clean air. The video covered why we should stop idling in cars, why we need to walk, scoot and cycle more, and how we can reduce air pollution at a local level.




“CO2, what do you do? You turn your engine off when you’re idling in a queue!” “What’s the solution, to the pollution? We want clean air, and we want it now!”


- chanted the children of the eco-committee.


Not only did their efforts attract the attention of other students and teachers, but it also impressed their local MP Jonathan Reynolds. He said:


“Congratulations to the children of Gorse Hall School for their amazing work for Clean Air Day- you are the best environmental champions I know!”


Well done Gorse Hall School!


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