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The Transform Our World Youth Ambassadors have created their own campaign - #EqualEcoEducation, calling for environmental education to be a core component of all children’s and young people’s education. Read their campaign message and sign their petition below.




We want better environmental education for everyone

Time is running out. 


The human-made climate emergency threatens our future and the very existence of the natural world we care so deeply about. 


We want a green and thriving planet with a harmony between humans and nature. A planet that is fair, where we live good lives within the Earth's limits. 


We believe that environmental education is key to the world we describe above.  



"My current school is quite proactive in trying to engage students in activities that raise environmental awareness, but this wasn

What is the problem?

    As a group of young people from the UK, we have seen first-hand the uneven distribution of what we’re learning about at school.Environmental education across the UK is not equal.Our learning oftenlacks a focus on the local effects of climate changeand doesn’t always link to the context of our lives. 


    Natural England reportedin April 2022 that ‘80% of children and young people in this survey agreed that looking after the environment was important to them and 83% said they wanted to do more to look after the environment.’


    We want to take action, but many of us lack the support and opportunities we  need. For many of us, the result is growing despair and ‘eco’ anxiety.


    This needs to change. 



    What is the change that you want to see? 


    We are calling on all educational leaders to make environmental education, in all its forms, their priority.  


    As a bare minimumwe want all children and young people to learn about the environment as a core part of our education journey. 


    However, environmental education in its fullest sense is more than the learning of the facts. Environmental education means learning about the natural world and integrating the outdoors into the classroom. 


    When we say that we want more and better environmental education this is what we mean:


    • Help children to collaborate with one another
    • Encourage their creativity
    • Nurture their compassion for themselves, each other, and the planet.  
    • Enable them to grow up prepared for the ever-changing world we live in


    We want our knowledge to improve, but also to help us develop skills we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. 


    Youth Ambassadors holding posters showing the campaign hashtag

    What can we do?


      We are directing this to education leaders. We want them to deliver a plan to embed environmental education as a core component ofall children’s and young people’s education.  




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