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Transform Our World Youth Ambassadors

We have a bunch of passionate young people, between the ages of 11-16 years old, from secondary schools across the UK to join in the design, organisation and promotion of the Transform Our World Youth Summit that will be taking place online during the two weeks when the UK is hosting COP26 in November 2021.


The Youth Ambassadors meet online weekly to work together on creating sessions, making social media content, inputting their ideas on the events and discussing their thoughts and feelings on the climate crisis.


There is a role for everyone to play when it comes to being a Youth Ambassador.


Meet our Youth Ambassadors










Hello! My name is Charlotte and I live in Oxford.


I think everybody has a part to play in taking climate action. Individual actions, however small, can have a huge positive impact! However, I believe the ultimate responsibility for taking climate action belongs to the government and large polluting companies. It is time to put the planet before profits. For change to happen with the urgency demanded by the climate crisis requires collaboration and cooperation.


It is important for young people to learn and understand the issue of climate change because they are the future generation. Climate change will affect us more than anyone else. But now more than ever people are increasingly disconnected from the natural world. How can we expect young people to be motivated to protect the planet if they haven’t learnt about why it is so vital for the survival of humanity and every single other species we share this beautiful world with?






Hello, my name is Lilith and I live in Brighton.

I think it is important young people learn and understand the issues of climate change as we need to find new sustainable ways to live our lives and avoid making the same planet damaging mistakes as our parents and grandparents.

If young people come to understand how consuming consumerism is it will be easier to encourage alternatives such as finding pre-worn clothes to wear as a way of expressing ourselves.

We could lobby Parliament to change the way things are promoted. If we could see on adverts and packaging how harmful the production of goods or services are for the planet we could make more informed choices about what to buy and encourage sustainability to be a desired feature.

Most of all we need to rethink our future careers, where we will work, what we do and why. Humans need to contribute to feel a sense of value but it should not be at the cost of the planet.





















Hi there! My name is Edward and I live in the rural county of Rutland.


I wanted to become a Transform Our World Youth Ambassador because I am truly unwavering, steadfast and resolute in my credence that inspiring and engaging young people from all four corners of our amazing United Kingdom is the most straightforward and expeditious course of action that we - the average citizens of the realm - can undertake forthwith. Climate change and the consequences that will undeniably materialise as direct subsequences of the aforementioned are truly terrifying and will effect all persons on this Planet: irrelevant is your socioeconomic status; irrelevant is your location and ergo the nation you live in; and irrelevant is your age, climate change will hit us all where it hurts. Of course - like always - stark inequalities exist when it comes to those first affected by climate change: the poorest on Earth will be hit the hardest and the soonest, irrespective of the fact it is mainly richer nations such as ours and the United States that articulated the crisis.


I shall allow myself to go off on a tangent no further: in essence, it is of great salience that we all act now as one to battle head-on this crisis and that we educate and inspire the generation most hit by this to do as such: summits and events such as these are the most efficient way of doing so.




Hello, my name is Lydia and I go to school in Cardiff, South Wales.


I applied to be a youth ambassador because I wanted to learn about and discuss solutions to the climate crisis with like-minded young people from across the UK. I am convinced that the cumulative effects of each small made in every corner of the world can add up to major advances towards a low-carbon and sustainable future, by adapting our own lifestyles where possible and influencing government policy.


Since I started school in 2009, carbon emissions, occurrences of extreme weather events and average temperatures have only continued to increase. As my generation become adults we will be affected by these destructive trends, and it will become our responsibility to find solutions. We must be well-informed by our education today to be able to combat the challenges we will face.











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