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Fashion & Consumption - What's our money doing while we're not looking?

What's our money doing while we're not looking? 

With ShareAction


Session for secondary schools


Each month, your parents invest money in fossil fuel companies through their pension – and they probably don’t even realize. Learn about the surprising role of pension savings in the climate crisis in this session, and challenge your parents to find out whether their pensions are driving or tackling climate change.  

ShareAction are a charity whose mission is to make all finance power social progress. They campaign to ensure that societal and environmental good, rather than short-term profit, motivates the investments that underpin our economy.    


Speaker: Michael Kind is a Campaigns Manager at ShareAction. He works to educate the public about the role and impact of the financial system, and supports them to take action to change it for the better.  

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11-16 years old
Key Subjects
Business Studies

This resource helps support the below Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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Reduce income inequality within and among countries.



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