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I am powerful

Through the Summit we've explored how we are all powerful in different ways. What's really important is believing in our individual power and in this session you'll hear from some inspiring young people about how they've used their power to create change. The session will include an opportunity for you to write or create a message to yourself about the ways in which you would like to transform our world.

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7-11 years old
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This resource helps support the below Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
For more information on the full set of SDGs, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Take urgent action to combat climate change by regulating emissions and promoting developments in renewable energy.

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7-11 years old
Sustainable Development Goals

This session is being delivered by:

Maya Bahoshy (she/her)

Maya Bahoshy is Head of Impact and Engagement at ThoughtBox Education, an education social enterprise, aimed to support a culture of care within schools - promoting self-care, people care and earth care. In addition, she is a coach with Untapped AI, supporting organisations undergoing transformational change. Maya focuses on designing interactions that encourage people to connect consciously and compassionately with themselves, others in society and the rest of the natural world. She has incorporated these values into the design of educational experiences ranging from one-day youth workshops to ongoing coaching relationships with students and professionals. Maya truly believes in the power of the next generation to lead the change we need to live in a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world, and the potential of the current generation to guide them there. 

A photo of Maya talking to a group of students.

Romario Valentine (he/him)

Romario Valentine is an 11-year old is a young eco-warrior from Durban, South Africa and author of Protect our Planet – Take action with Romario. Renowned globally for his beach clean ups, tree planting, avian art and other conservation projects, Romario is an Ocean Sole ambassador, a 2022 BirdLife SA Owlet laureate and affiliated to many environmental organisations, including the UN. He believes it is his mission to inspire and empower young people to become earth guardians.  

Romario is standing on a beach in the sunshine. He is wearing safety glasses and rubber gloves and holding a sculpture of a turtle. He is smiling at the camera.

Benjamin Fallow (he/him)

Benjamin Fallow is a 9 year old artist and naturalist. He draws and paints from nature, and loves to draw out in the countryside - he’s been carrying paper and pens in his backpack since he was three! Benji loves studying the details and learning facts about each species. He’s passionate about protecting nature, and he hopes his artwork will encourage people to care for wildlife and for nature. Benji’s nature writing has been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine and The Guardian Young Country Diary. His artwork has been included in the RA Young Artists Summer Show, featured on Chris Packham’s Self Isolating Bird Club, by the The Wildlife Trusts, Natural History Museum, RSPB, the UNCCD, Greenpeace UK, and BBC Bitesize. 

Benjamin is standing on a path in a wooded area wearing a straw hat and a backpack. He is smiling at the camera.


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