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Catch up and watch our online event COP28: A Youth Perspective

This session, which is taking place in the same week as COP28 is happening in United Arab Emirates, features a range of young people sharing their views and covering:

  • What is COP?
  • Hopes for COP28
  • What COP might achieve
  • What’s problematic about COP

This event has been interpreted in British Sign Language
and is available to watch on catch up.

Explore the profiles of our inspirational speakers below.

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Our speakers

Phoebe speaking at the UN Climate Change Conference 2021

Phoebe Louise Hanson (she/her)

Phoebe is a freelance public speaker at the intersection of climate change and youth empowerment, sharing her story of environmental anxiety, education, and agency. She coordinated Mock COP26, a virtual youth climate conference which brought together over 800 young people from 140 countries to collaborate with leaders. Phoebe has also co-founded Teach the Teacher, a platform which allows students to undertake leadership roles in 100 UK schools. Since graduating from Lancaster University, Phoebe is now undertaking a Masters in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy MA.

Reese is standing outside and is holding a dragon fly on the palm of his hand.

Reese Stoica (he/him)

Reese is a young writer and climate activist from Romania. He became a 2022 Rise Global Winner as a result of his "Trupuri Trans" magazine aiding young transgender people from Romania, and continued his authorship through his recently published debut poetry volume. Reese is an avid birdwatcher and the founder of a youth nature club in his local area, wherein he organises trips and workshops encouraging citizen science.

A headshot of Jodie. She is standing outside in front of some trees and is smiling at the camera.

Jodie Bailey-Ho (she/her)

Jodie is an undergraduate environmental science student at the University of Manchester. She has also co-founded Teach the Teacher and is a Youth Focal Point for sustainability and climate change on behalf of the Department for Education. Jodie's commitment to sustainability and education has earned her the Jack Petchey Environmental Award. She was also a finalist for Young Champion at the Global Good Awards and named one of CIWEMs ‘Climate Heroes’ earlier this year. Through the Department for Education climate strategy, she hopes that every young person will feel equipped and empowered to create meaningful change.

A headshot of Jack

Jack Clark (he/him)

Jack is a former member of the UK Schools Sustainability Network. During his year on the board he founded the Somerset branch of the network. He is passionate about sustainability and how young people can make an impact on the climate crisis.

A headshot of Mahashri

Mahashri Ranjith Kumar (she/her)               

Mahashri is a climate activist and young scientist. She believes in the potential of young people to change the world and believes in the efforts of STEM to aid in climate action. Mahashri has written multiple articles related to science and climate. Mahashri had the honour of becoming a panellist at COP26 where she represented the voices of 1.3 billion young people for the topic ‘STEM for all and the climate crisis.’ She is also a part of several change-making organisations such as Youth STEM 2030, INWES, The New York Academy of Sciences, The Climate Initiative and many more. 


Emma at a climate change protest

Emma Greenwood (she/her)

Emma is a youth voice and climate activist with a passion for promoting intergenerational collaboration to tackle the climate crisis. In the past, she has acted as a Young Member of Parliament for Bury as well as being involved in regional climate work within Greater Manchester, which enabled her to be in the 'Blue Zone' (decision-making zone) of COP26! Since 2019 Emma has been involved in both local and global climate activism through the Fridays for Future & Youth Strike 4 Climate Network.

A headshot of Will

Will Wale (he/him)

Will is an undergraduate Politics student at the London School of Economics, and SOS’s Department for Education Youth Focal Points. Will joined SOS-UK in August 2023 and works alongside the Department for Education to listen to young people’s views on the climate education strategy. Will has previously been involved in the UK School’s Sustainability Network, working on their input into the development of the DfE’s sustainability strategy and representing the views of young people from across the UK at COP26. Will focuses on climate anxiety, the impact it has on young people, and how youth empowerment can promote action that will limit the impact of the climate crisis.

A headshot of Dev

Dev Sharma (he/him)

Dev Sharma is a member of Youth Parliament (Youth MP) and food activist, currently chairing the UK Parliament’s first ever youth inquiry into the cost of living crisis (UK Parliament's Youth Select Committee). Driven by his campaigning to challenge the injustices of the food system, his activism includes delivering a Food Charter to Downing Street and advising multinational companies on food policy. Recognised with both the Diana Award and UK Parliament Award, Dev has been at the forefront of the opposition against junk food advertising online, with his open letter campaign alongside Bite Back 2030 and Jamie Oliver leading to a government ban on such adverts.

A headshot of Henrietta

Henrietta Boateng (she/her)

Henrietta has the goal of tackling the plastic waste crisis in Ghana and Africa at large through active collection, awareness creation and recycling. She is the first Ghanaian to be selected as a Rise global winner in 2022. Henrietta is passionate about helping the homeless and underprivileged children and intends to support these groups through the money she gains out of recycling. She is also the founder and president of Recycling for Charity Foundation.

A headshot of Daksh. He is standing in a street and grinning at the camera.

Daksh Khanna (he/him)

Daksh is passionate about equal opportunities for all. In the past, he created a project where he taught over 30 refugees the Dutch language. Now, he works at an NGO focusing on European solidarity. Recognising that equality crosses all domains—not just policy or technology—Daksh regularly engages in sustainable storytelling around the world. Understanding the root of the obstacles that the people around him face is what makes Daksh a changemaker.

A headshot of Lily

Lily (she/her)

Lily has a keen interest in sustainability and renewable energy research. She is part of her school's eco-committee and spent an interesting week over the summer working with Surrey County Council's greener futures team. Lily is also a part of UK Schools Sustainability Network (UKSSN).

Photos of kyra and sophie. Both are standing outside and wearing gloves as they each hold a hedgehog.

Sophie and Kyra (she/her)

Sophie and Kyra are representatives of Hedgehog Friendly Town, a charity which rescues and rehabilitates injured hedgehogs in and around Stratford-upon-Avon. Kyra is studying art at college and Sophie is also studying for her A Levels.

No Translation

Toni Wanyoike

Toni is a Master’s student at King’s College London, pursuing a Degree in Emerging Economies & International Development. She has worked with young people around climate action and environmental education while previously working at Global Action Plan UK. Toni is particularly passionate about climate justice and how the climate crisis affects vulnerable communities in the global south. Currently, Toni volunteers with the Systems Change Working Group at the UK Youth Climate Coalition, working on campaigns pushing for climate justice. She has also had the opportunity to lead a youth workshop at this year’s Africa Climate Summit.



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