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We’re in a state of emergency. Unprecedented levels of collective change are needed if we are to avoid the collapse of our living world. 

Young people in their millions are calling for immediate action to tackle climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. Educators tell us they feel huge pressure to prepare young people to respond to this concern and yet report very little confidence, or available training and support, to do so.

Young people can see that an emergency of this scale needs actions that address fundamental causes not just the symptoms. Research shows that engaging young people at a values, rather than a behavioural level, can result in broader and deeper environmental and societal action. As well as having a beneficial effect on their wellbeing. 


Educators play a key role in encouraging young people to take changemaking action as well as ensuring that this action builds these compassionate value sets.  


Supported by the #iwill campaign, we acknowledge that teachers need support, tools and inspiration from the environmental and education sectors to help make this happen. We pledge to come together to provide this. 



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