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Transform Our World is a new, centralised, resource hub to help teachers bring environmental action into the classroom. It brings together top-rated, free, practical, and curriculum-linked resources to help teachers empower students to think globally and act locally.


The high quality, low prep resources are teacher-reviewed and tested, to ensure it is as easy as possible for teachers to introduce impactful opportunities for environmental action to their students.


The Transform Our World resources, activities and follow up information aim to provide every teacher with something relevant to their lesson planning, no matter how much time they have to allocate to this activity.


The Top Resources page covers a broad range of topical themes, including 'Values and Wellbeing' and the United Nations' 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs). These collections contain carefully selected and top-rated resources chosen by our teacher review committee.


Finally, our showcase Programmes come highly recommended by our review committee for use across the wider school community, engaging young people through a longer-term, structured programme with support from our partner organisations.


We want the website to be a true hub, that teachers come back to and meet like minded peers on. With that in mind, the website will host a Transform Our World community - a chance for teachers who are on a collective mission to connect with one another. Teachers can also set up their own account where they can gather all their favourite resources together for easy access. 


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